The heart of our business is our fabrication workshop. Our fabrication workshop is well equipped to tackle even the toughest jobs. The workshop houses large modern equipment, with the ability to fabricate, move, drill, roll, press, guillotine, weld, straighten & bend, blast and paint steel. The team at CQ Steel Industries is competent and experienced in working with a diverse range of materials, including mild steel, wear resistant materials, stainless steel and aluminium. Continual investment in facilities, equipment, and expert staff ensures products & services are always a step ahead of the industry.

More about our fabrication workshop below.

Specialised Lifting devices and utility racks

At CQ Steel, we can fabricate your specific required lifting device and have it certified. If you need something in particular to hold tooling or equipment, we can assist with your design, fabricate the items and apply the protective treatment you require. Typical coatings are two-pack paints, powder coating and hot dip galvanising. Consult an expert at CQ Steel to fulfil your lifting and storage requirements.

Robotic Welding Capabilities

CQ Steel have the equipment and knowledge to set your project up for precise robotic welding. Capable of Pulsed GMAW, our robots can run heavy mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium for a result that is the same time and time again. Every welding parameter can be programmed into these machines for repeated precision, even for a job that only comes in a few times a year. This process can be economically applied to project quantities from hundreds to thousands. Ring us today to discuss your repetitive welding needs.