Business Management System

Quality – Safety – Environment

CQ Steel Industries is committed to ensuring that our products and services are delivered with attention to legal compliance, customer expectations and our own self-imposed standards of excellence. 

Supporting this commitment are our quality, safety and environmental management systems, which were developed by CQSI’s Management Team, are based on the Australian/New Zealand International’s Standards Organisation (AS/NZS ISO) standards 9001, 45001 and 14001 respectively and were custom built for our business. 

Our workforce is thoroughly informed of our management system requirements, ensuring focused attention to the quality, safety and environmental performance on every project. 

Consistent with the Australian Standards and our pursuit of excellence, our systems and work practices are also subjected to ongoing surveillance, assessment and continual improvement.

CQ Steel Industries are genuinely committed to customer satisfaction, which includes high quality products and services, delivered safely and environmentally responsibly.